Evgenii Tsvigun
Architect, Backend Engineer
Evgenii is a back-end developer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in blockchain based solutions and big data/fast data processing.
Victor Larson
Fullstack Developer, DevOps
Victor delivers - that's his thing, and does whatever it takes to get the product from a mere "under construction" web page to a working solution. DevOps engineer, frontender, first-time Solidity developer - you name it, Vic is whatever the team needs most at each particular moment, seamlessly switching his mental gear from shell scripting to web development or from chitchat to game theory crunching. Victor's summary experience consists of 10 years as DevOps, 9 years as a QA engineer, 9 years as fullstack developer, Web3 since 2021 and 4 years of community management for a cloud gaming platform.
Roman Poludnev
Frontend Developer
Sinlin Yeo
UX Designer
Sinlin has over 4 years of experience in Web UIUX Design. She shipped multiple B2B and B2C products. An individual who is constantly up for the next challenge in Web3, participating in ETH Boston 2019, ETH NewYork 2022, ETHZurich 2022 and more.
Anastasia Busygina
Project Manager
Interested in DAO and process optimization